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Top Tips for Sound Management of Licensed premises

Noise impacts on existing and new residents can stop a business in its tracks. Find out how to avoid the pitfalls top tips from the experts. Peter Rogers will be presenting to the guests of @Popall today, and will explain why the following is essential to the continued smooth running of businesses into the future :

1. Hearing loss - risk assess your noise output and risk to staff and patrons on a regular basis

2. Avoid shock abatement notices by getting your mitigation in order - nothing short of Best Practical Means will do as a defense

3. Register with you planning authority - they will flag and encroaching residential for which an Agent of Change objection would be appropriate

4. Get your operational noise output quantified - Soundscape assessment, to give a baseline for you to protect your valued vibrancy contribution to the area

5. Good preparation combined with good design advice will result in a more cost effective solution and well protected business from noise problems into the future

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Sound Management is essential to protect your business


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