Music Event Noise Monitoring & Soundscape Baselines

Our Acoustics Consultancy Services:

Sustainable Acoustics are experienced in setting out how proactive and preventative measures can be used to minimise operational noise affecting residents and staff through an event. 

Whether protecting an existing late hours trading licence, seeking to extend hours, or thinking of holding live or recorded music for the first time it is likely you will need to consider the noise impact on the surrounding residents to prevent nuisance, and consider the impact on your staff.


We can assist you with an acoustic assessment and suitable noise management strategy to demonstrate that you have carried out best practice, in case you cause formal complaints.


This is effective at avoiding legal action and a serious risk to your licence of review. It can also help unlock tricky sites for wedding venues for instance. 

With Agent of Change acoustic baselines are a very useful way to protect the vibrancy of the soundscape you have been used to, in case residential development near to you should be proposed. 

Related project - Tower of London:

We set out how proactive and preventative measures, which develops the approach taken in this third run of summer events, minimise operational noise moving through the run. The organisers minimised the risk of exceeding the advisory noise criteria for the events, and ultimately prevented causing a public or private nuisance; which is the objective of the agreement with HRP, The Licensing Act 2003 and Environmental Protection Act 1990.

The Tower of London noise control.