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Air-Source Heat Pump Noise and Permitted Development Rights in Wales

Contract Number: ASHP-PDR/2022-23


Sustainable Acoustics Ltd (SAL) and Apex Acoustics Ltd (AAL) have been jointly awarded the Welsh Government contract for Air-Source Heat Pump Noise and Permitted Development Rights In Wales. The project seeks to consider the role of noise being a possible conflict to the renewable energy sources of heating and cooling by:

  • Briefly addressing the assumption of the Welsh Government that noise is the primary environmental or nuisance concern associated with ASHPs, hence it being the central factor of ASHP placement outside domestic properties,

  • Review the evidence of noise pollution for domestic scale ASHPs, and

  • Suggest specifications for

    • ASHP noise and vibration outputs;

    • ASHP build quality; and

    • Installation details at domestic premises including location within properties which would simplify the permitted development rights and enable ASHP units to be placed closer to property boundaries

Update (12/1/24)

Our work has now been published by Welsh Government and can be found in two reports here. See also our new story about the reports.


We thank the Welsh Government, Energy Division for commissioning the work, and Apex Acoustics for collaborating with us in delivering it. 

Our Collaboration Story

We know that acoustics is important to achieving a sustainable future, and this project is a critical link between clean energy and heating and cooling homes. We seek collaborations that help to enhance our ability to achieve this, and with Apex Acoustics we have found the ability to combine to achieve more together. 

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