Our experienced and knowledgeable team have published the following books and papers:


Rogers P, Matherson C, Woodhams S, Rubio S, Standardising structure-borne noise assessments with heavy impacts for potential gyms in lightweight mixed use structures, Euronoise 2018, May 2018. Download Paper


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Rogers P, Simpson J (2019) Euphony – A Case for Evolving Acoustics Language to Include Positive or Valued Sound. Download Paper.

Rogers P FIOA (2020) Future Noise Mapping & Soundscaping for Wellbeing, Acoustics 2020 virtual conference, 42. 1. 2020

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Environmental Noise

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Noise Barriers

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Building Acoustics

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Ship Acoustics and Vibration Control

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Autumn/Winter 1995, Contract Communications Ltd, London

Industrial Noise and Vibration

Cogger N, Groundborne propagation of industrial noise and vibration to housing, Proc IOA, 24, 5, 2002


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