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Our planet has limited resources, which extends to the space we have available. Noise pollution causes damage to human health and well-being, and also threatens our ecosystems. Using sound to create valued soundscapes is an emerging field to make our environments more healthy.   Our services aim to control noise and use sound to enhance our environments, both for the existing and future generations. To do this we provide an integrated and aware approach to environmental acoustic services.  

We offer great acoustic advice that aims to minimise the impact of noise pollution and focuses on creating the best possible external environments.

Acoustic design plays a part in the social aspects of creating an outdoor environment that supports health and well-being for all.

We are steering change in the natural and built environment despite complex environmental change and development demands to push the provision of housing in the UK. Our service aims to achieve the balance between the management and protection of our natural and heritage assets from noise, and the valued soundscapes that we have and can create.

Our experienced and knowledgeable consultants help businesses to respond to new government policy and drive sustainable development with practical and effective acoustic master planning and design solutions that will help achieve this goal.

We assist organisations in improving their competitiveness through enhanced environmental performance that does not compromise on acoustic performance, and better manage the risk and liability of those choosing to do things 'the old way', provided they are on a positive change journey towards sustainable development. 

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