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Sound Insulation Testing

Sound insulation testing fits into 3 main categories. Testing to comply with statutory requirements, informing the design, and gathering data. We future-proof our projects but use this information to improve certainty of site performance to optimise our specifications.

It is a legal requirement that any newly built residential, student accommodation or converted residential dwelling sharing walls or floors must conform to sound insulation standards set out in Approved Document E of the Building regulations (2010).  At least 10% of any construction type must be tested by a competent body to ensure that it meets the required minimum standard of sound insulation. Testing may also be required to commission schools against part E4, the contract or compliance with the School Premises Regulations 2012. 

Sustainable Acoustics is registered with the Association of Noise Consultants (ANC) for sound insulation testing, which third-party accredit us. Many of our staff are registered with the ANC and are competent persons,  qualified to carry out sound insulation to conform with ISO 140 and the ANC good practice guide.

For separations between Commercial and Residential, specialist advice should be sought to satisfy Section 0.8 of Part E, which may require testing in the early stages of the project to establish baselines before appropriate levels of sound insulation can be determined.  

Sound insulation testing.

We aim to:

- Demonstrate compliance with the Building Regulation minimum requirements, with online certificates available to Building Control

- Where it applies, satisfy the testing requirements of BREEAM.

- Identify failures, and where necessary, provide advice on remedial works and retest


- Reduce the risk of failure for our clients through design advice and site inspections

Sound insulation tests, Brewery Square, Dorchester.

Sustainable Acoustics Ltd carried out pre-completion sound insulation tests in the new residential development of Brewery Square, Dorchester. The different blocks have different themes, and commissioning of this large-scale mixed-use scheme was intensive and gained Building Regulations sign-off for acoustics. This scheme is transformative in this area.

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