About Us

"Working with Sustainable Acoustics has been an incredibly
positive experience. Their expertise was crucial during the
planning and execution of our development, and their
ongoing support has proved invaluable."
At Sustainable Acoustics. we deliver solutions for a sound future to protect people from our noisy world, enhance our environment, connect people with good design, nature and each other.
Sustainable Acoustics Connect Enhance Protect L

Sustainable Acoustics Ltd is an independent specialist consultancy providing acoustic design services to the built and natural environment. We support our clients through the life cycle of a project, from feasibility and planning and throughout the design process. Our team of experts have wide ranging experience and are able to offer design advice and acoustic solutions for Commercial Projects, Residential Property, Educational and Healthcare Facilities, Leisure and Entertainment Buildings, Heritage Buildings and spaces, Religious Buildings, Construction, Transport and Infrastructure Projects. We also provide Expert Witness services, soundscaping and more. At Sustainable Acoustics we deliver solutions that protect people from our noisy world, enhance our environments using sound, connect people with each other, to nature and to their environment. Sustainable Acoustics for a sound world.​

Sustainable Acoustics Ltd has been formed out of The English Cogger Partnership which was started by Colin English and Nigel Cogger, and has provided a high quality consultancy service for environmental noise and vibration, and building and architectural acoustics since April 2000.

The company entered a new phase when Colin and Nigel retired and Sustainable Acoustics was formed by Peter Rogers as Managing Director.  Whilst we will continue to offer our excellent standard of services, we are adapting to offer a service which is in line with the needs of a changing world, and the delivery of acoustics that will help clients to transforming our world for the better. We aim to:

Protect - We help to make the social environment bearable.

Enhance - We try to improve the quality of the social environment.

Connect - We aim to connect the concepts of sustainable design to make future life viable and equitable.

This ties in with the 3 core pillars of sustainability - PeoplePlanet, Prosperity