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About Us

"Working with Sustainable Acoustics has been an incredibly
positive experience. Their expertise was crucial during the
planning and execution of our development, and their
ongoing support has proved invaluable."

Sustainable Acoustics Connect Enhance Protect L

At Sustainable Acoustics. we deliver solutions for a sound future to protect people from our noisy world, enhance our environment, connect people with good design, nature and each other.

An image of the Sustainable Acoustics Team stood on a balcony in the winchester science centre. All of the team are smiling, and are wearing smart clothing.

Sustainable Acoustics Ltd was formed out of The English Cogger Partnership (TECP) once Nigel Cogger and Colin English retired. TECP provided a high-quality consultancy service for environmental and building acoustics. Whilst Sustainable Acoustics continued offering a high-quality consultancy service, the company created a compelling vision to deliver acoustics to help solve the challenges of the modern world. Sustainable Acoustics exists to make the world a better place through the application of acoustics. We aim to:

Protect people and nature from our noisy world;

Connect people with nature and eachother;

Enhance human health and well-being, the health of the natural world and enhance out soundscapes for the health of all.

This ties in with the 3 core pillars of sustainability - PeoplePlanet, Prosperity  

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