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UK planning policy has just changed.

Sustainable Acoustics' experts have a detailed working knowledge that will manage all aspects of planning and noise, from master planning, the pre-application and statutory application acoustic requirements for residential, mixed-use or commercial developments, as well as acoustic assessments required as part of applications and the discharge of conditions. 

Our expertise begins with being fully aware of what is required for sustainable development to succeed, and how noise can be an obstacle as sites are located in ever-challenging soundscapes. We combine this with our in-depth knowledge of the new UK planning policy relating to noise, which includes Agent of Change, and our ability to consider community and stakeholder consultation in the preparation of supporting documentation for applications, and we have a winning formula.  

Construction Engineer

Sustainable Acoustics works with local government and developers to conceive housing strategies and master plans that will work into the future. We also work with the private sector to identify housing development opportunities and to secure planning consents.

Development of over 1,200 new homes, community centre, school and leisure facilities on the edge of Andover is one of the main sites that has been allocated housing in Test Valley.  Sustainable Acoustics completed the noise assessment for the Environmental Statement and gave input to the master planning and assessment for land parcels across the site.

Planning acousitcs consultation

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