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We bring creative thinking to housing provision. Covering the basics with no fuss, yet go further to help co-create a solution that will meet new UK Planning Policy and tackle Agent of Change where it impacts existing businesses.

Our team delivers quality residential and RRP housing development by taking a holistic view, looking at issues such as:

- Are you near existing noise-making businesses that might claim 'Agent of Change'?


- What might be the mitigation burden of that?


- How the acoustic separation standards internally between dwellings, and also commercial in mixed-use, might be achieved economically with light structures?

- Ensuring sustainability is integral to the project and an option for you to take through alternatives that we will flag through our advice on the use of eco-materials and low-energy solutions. 

- How ventilation will work in a noisy environment to make passive ventilation workable 

- How to create protected amenity areas to provide quality environments


- How to use sound to create valued soundscapes within the development that will provide community focus and identity 

We steer clients through complex planning and legislation processes with an eye on using sound to create better places to live, learn and be long into the future. 

Case Study: Whitely House and Care Hub, Surrey

Development of a pioneering example of a planned retirement village, including 44 new 1 and 2-bed apartments as a result of the refurbishment of a grade II building. This includes a care hub and atrium to support a community gathering point and will be called Whiteley Village. Sustainable Acoustics is working to deliver good sound insulation and a high-quality environment in which people can live, be cared for and socialise

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