Sustainable Acoustics has advised some of the music industry's most respected recording facilities, instructing innovative design solutions for materials, spaces, and separation levels; enabling the implementation of studios in locations which would otherwise be unfeasible as recording venues.

TEN87 - Studios

Sustainable Acoustics lead the innovative acoustic design of Ten87’s new studios in Tottenham, reusing an industrial warehouse and making it suitable for transitional studio’s facilities for recording and monitoring. This type of facility works to fill the gap in the market between the commercial high end studio’s and the bedroom recording artist, and provides an affordable access to top notch facility with a street community atmosphere reminiscent of a film set. Sustainable Acoustics work with KVIST architecture (link) to create a temporary module based design of studio pods, which fit together to create a meandering street through the space. The culture and community feel was an important part of this, and the ability to deconstruct the facility and relocate to re-use in another facility once the lease expires was key. It shows  how much more can be done with less, which is where acoustics enables this award winning result. The materials used were FSC timber based, and where possible kept to sustainable sources, making a tight budget go a long way.  

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