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Lighthouse, Poole's Centre For the Arts

We are delighted to announce our appointment as the acoustic consultants for the refurbishment of the well-known ‘Lighthouse’ Concert Hall and other spaces, within Poole’s centre for the arts, Britain’s largest regional arts centre. We will be working alongside award winning architect Design Engine, to assist in the £5.3 million refurbishment of the iconic building. We will be responsible for significant improvements to the visitor experience within the foyer, function room, the studio theatre, the cinema and the Concert Hall, which is currently home to the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra (BSO). 

The project aims to improve the environmental efficiencies of Lighthouse resulting in a projected saving of up to five per cent in utility bills, preserving a much loved facility and enabling it to continue offering the public access to top quality experiences.

Having secured a large scale grant of £4 million from the Arts Council and £650,000 from Borough of Poole, construction work on the project will be in two phases, the first of which is expected to start in July and the second in June 2016.

“Sustainable Acoustics looks at the whole picture and includes factors such as improving the visitor experience as far as possible, enhancing comfort levels, considering carefully the re-use of materials where possible and awareness of the environmental credentials of the materials specified. In the concert hall we will be preserving the acoustic qualities considered most effective over the years so that the venue retains it character, but aim also to enhance the areas where technical improvements can be made to further boost the quality of the experience for all types of use. We look to provide value beyond the acoustics alone, which in this place requires attention to the positive aspects that sound can have on us, as well as managing the negative effects of noise and vibration sources”. 

Peter Rogers (Managing Director, Sustainable Acoustics).

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