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Acoustics for Life

We believe that planet, people and place go hand in hand. We use Acoustics to make life better for all.

A purple number '10', followed by the word 'years'. The number 10 features a green leaf as the sticking out element of the '1'. The Sustainable Acoustics logo is in the centre of the '0', with the words 'Enhance', 'connect', 'protect' in a donut around the logo, inside the '0'.

Sustainable Acoustics is turning 10!

Click below to learn about our journey over the past 10 years

What we do

Planning and Environmental Noise

A plan of Andover Down Community, colour coded to show sound intensity levels.

Sound Insulation Testing

An acoustic engineer from Sustainable Acousticsconducting a sound insulation test in an office building.

Architectural and Building Acoustics

Architectural Plans

Vibration Control and Gyms

A gym containing a large amount of power lifting weights.

Sound, Noise and Vibration

As an acoustic consultant, we use our understanding of the science of sound and design, in the areas of environmental sound (soundscapes),  the control of noise pollution, and building acoustics. This includes design to optimise places and spaces for their intended use.


We work with our clients to use our knowledge as acoustic engineers to innovate and achieve their goals with extensive experience and a well-established reputation in our industry.


Our core values embed sustainability as part of this service, we provide a carbon-neutral service that means you can be assured that you are helping to move things forward to create a Sustainable Future.


Client logo

"Coin Street have been impressed with the experience, knowledge and skills of the team at Sustainable Acoustics. They have led a very delicate project involving lifts engineers, residents and commercial tenants with great care. Great stakeholder management as well as great technical skill has led to a great outcome for all, which is the outcome we wanted."

Ed Jordan

Chief Operating Officer

Coin Street Community Builders

Client logo

"Having worked with Sustainable Acoustics over a number of years, they have always provided us with both an excellent service and ongoing support on a number of challenging projects. Working alongside us, they have helped us develop improved guest experiences which is key to our business."

Paul Shelley

Account Director

The Concerto Group

Client logo

"Sustainable Acoustics have been an invaluable part of our team. The time and effort they have put in to assist us in producing the best level of sound possible within a venue restricted by residential tenants has enabled us to create a hugely successful event space with minimum negative impact on our business and landlord relationship. The friendly and professional service they offer is very much appreciated."

Allison Girling

General Manager



The Climate Crisis is our immediate challenge as humanity, but if we are unable to live sustainably, all this buys humanity is time. We focus on designing for a sustainable future that life can thrive: Acoustics for Life


We take sustainability very seriously through our direct contacts and influence on the future through the work that we do, using the core principles to drive our decisions and professional advice. We understand the UN SDGs as a lens through which we can quantify how acoustics is making a difference on each project, and through our reporting on how we are doing against our net-zero roadmap. We currently offer a carbon-neutral service and sim to be net carbon zero by 2030 at the latest.

Recent Projects

Radley College

Cedar Park Neuro Rehab Unit

Bacton Low Rise, Camden

F1 Summer Party, London

Recent News

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