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Well-being in Offices

Staff account for 90% of the operating costs of a business, so it makes sense to look after them. Studies show a 66% fall in staff performance is as a result of distracting noise. [WGBC Report 2016]

It recognises noise and acoustics as the fourth most important factor after air quality, thermal comfort and lighting under the Environmental heading, but it is also a part of the experience of the occupants of the building and contributes to the health of those using it...

"Noise and acoustics: Research suggests that being productive in the modern knowledge-based office is practically impossible when noise provides an unwanted distraction. This can be a major cause of dissatisfaction amongst occupants."

Why not consider creating a tranquillity lounge, or quiet rooms to recharge or relax. Or go the whole hog and we can help you to create an environment which enhances both the health of your workers, and therefore your bottom line.  

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