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Sustainable Acoustics joins forces with competitors to win Covid-19 Funding to reconnect audiences

Using acoustics to reconnect artists, venues and entertainment with people still in lockdown, but also to provide a new model for augmented live experience is the aim for an alliance of companies. Sustainable Acoustics are working with Vanguardia, Clarke Saunders Associates, Burland Aura Planning and JJ Rosa have been awarded Innovate UK Covid funding to develop the idea.

Test of concept trail of Live 2WAY: Set by JJ Rosa from The Ministry Cinema, London

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Innovative new approach to retain the unique atmosphere of live entertainment when all or part of the audience is remote. The project which has received R&D funding from Innovate UK explores how the very special relationship between audience, artist and venue can be equally immersive with a remote audience.

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More about the project : Virtual Audience Acoustic Reality (VAAR) is an innovative project that aims to help the entertainment industry quickly restart live events in the event of catastrophic events similar to Covid-19 and provides resilience for the future. It will connect remote audiences with the live atmosphere being generated by the artist's/sports person's performance and the venue and ultimately the audience itself, bringing a new era in audience participation and immersive experience.


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