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Appointment by Welsh Gov to work on Air Source Heat Pump project

Updated: May 8

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We are delighted to have been appointed by Welsh Government to conduct a project in collaboration with Apex Acoustics on this important topic. The purpose of the project is to explore the evidence supporting noise being an issue with Air Source Heat Pumps, ahead of the drive for low-carbon heating alternatives to fossil fuel boilers for Welsh homes. The second part of the project will consider how Permitted Development rules may respond to the findings of the first part of the study.

Peter Rogers says " This project shows how acoustics and a low carbon energy further are closely linked, and essential to get right to create a sustainable future. We are delighted to be working collaboratively with Jack Harvie-Clark @ApexAcoustics to bring together our skills to deliver a clear evidence-based future".

The project is due to deliver its report at the end of March 2023, which we will make available here. For further information read more...

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