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Euronoise 2018

Peter Rogers and Sustainable Acoustics' newest addition Sebastian Woodhams received the honour of invitation to renowned exposition Euronoise 2018, to make a presentation on one of the hottest topics in acoustics today.

Peter and Sebastian traveled to Crete to present their paper on Standardising Structure-Borne Noise Assessments at the Creta Maris Conference Centre in Hersonissos. Speaking alongside a multitude of respected orators, including Professor Dick Botteldooren, Professor Gaetano Licitra, and Professor Carl Hopkins, they gave an update of the groundbreaking research conducted at Sustainable Acoustics.

Noise and vibration from gyms can be one of the most disturbing activities to sensitive occupants of the same building, and the trend in the UK to place gyms in vacant units close to sensitive receptors requires careful consideration of the suitability of a building for such a use. Determining the suitability of a building for fit out as a gym requires consideration of the building response as a whole to heavy impacts, as the resulting structure-borne noise that is generated is a combination of a complexed response to input forces. A standardised test methodology is now being proposed, based on a practical approach to enable the real building response to various input forces to be robustly assessed in a repeatable and consistent fashion. By exciting the base response of the building with a number of simulated impulsive vibration sources that represent real activities it is possible to identify firstly if the building is suitable, and secondly what levels of mitigation treatments may be required.

“At Sustainable Acoustics we are building the foundations for one of the most relevant new standards in acoustics today, leading the way for relevant reuse of buildings as part of sustainable development."

- Peter Rogers BSc(Hons) MSc CEng FIOA FRSA

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