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Diversifying Farming can be a noisy business - Here's how to get it right.

With Brexit approaching farmers are left wondering how they may be able to replace subsidies, such as those available for wildlife margins, and holding events (such as weddings) is a natural place to start. The risks of causing a nuisance to neighbours, who have tolerated noise associated with agriculture for years is seldom thought about, but weddings can be a noisy business, which may not fit with the surrounding character of the area.

A raft of legislation is waiting to descend but with proper acoustic advice a lot is achievable to tackle noise from music, people, generators and vehicles as they disperse. The pictures below give some ideas of the mitigation that can be very effective, with good management, and make keep your locals and authorities on side. It is important that you get good advice to do this, which we can help you with and avoid alot of stress to all concerned.

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