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Recruiting new talent: introducing Diego Cordes, Graduate Consultant

Diego has come to the UK to break into acoustics, after his degree in Argentina in Music Technology and a stint working in sound engineering. After completing his MSc at London South Bank, including a dissertation on low energy voice announcement systems in the London Underground, Diego now begins his career in Acoustics. We are very pleased to welcome him to the Sustainable Acoustics team as our new Graduate Consultant.

Diego Cordes says, “I’m very excited to be part of such an amazing team of professionals, and look forward to develop my skills as I contribute to the company, the industry and the community.”

Peter Rogers says, “We welcome Diego to our ranks and are excited to help him develop his skills in the workplace during this crucial time for humanity. His training has already begun in earnest with a wide variety of project work, with us showing him how to deliver excellent acoustics which makes a big difference to our clients and wherever possible, acoustics that enhance the planet.”


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