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Carbon Offsetting as a Precautionary Approach

On 28th April 2020, during Covid-19 lockdown, we finalised our plans to become carbon neutral, showing that a business even when under unprecedented financial pressure can take responsible steps.

How did we do it ?

We took the following steps :

1. Quantified our baseline, which we did in 2014

2. We set to reduce operational carbon - including insulating, switching to green energy, new efficient gas boiler

3. Tackle the sticking points - Transport Strategy (going electric)

4. Offsetting residual impacts through profits through GOLD standard carbon credits

5. Planning for future office design to become a net positive contribute to repay debt over life of legacy carbon impacts (solar pv) - by 2025 we aim to become net carbon negative for the lifetime of the Company, with year of year providing the ability for others to off-set through our clean energy generation.

As members of the UK Green Building Council were linked up with Climate Care who made the off set affordable and easy, with global projects that are making a direct and traceable difference.

Owner and Managing Director Peter Rogers says "I am absolutely delighted that we have reached this goal so quickly, to respond to Sir Ian Boyd 's challenge. We have shown the way we've done this, and driven down residual operating impacts below 1 tonne per head of staff. The costs of setting that in the short term are affordable, and if we can do it during lockdown then so can any business. We can now offer all our clients a net zero carbon service, and all reports will now display our Zero Carbon Logo, with details given for how it was off set. Whilst we can now claim to be truly on track as a sustainable business there is much work to do to deliver sustainability , which is much more than zero carbon. We continue to focus on the UN 17 goals.

Use the #Act4ZeroNow,

See more of what Sir Ian Boyd says here :

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