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Sustainable Acoustics' Plastic Free Challenge

Sustainable Acoustics pledges to support Plastic-free Winchester, a community group set up by three local residents to fight the growing misuse of plastic in the Winchester area.

Plastic Free Winchester is holding a plastic free week in October to coincide with Green Week (15 - 21 October), where they are asking companies and individuals to take their "Plastic Free Pledge" - to cut out or cut-down on the amount of single use plastic used during that week. Their ultimate aim is to get Plastic Free Community Status, their primary concern being to reduce single-use plastics.

Sustainable Acoustics has provided stylish re-usable coffee cups (made with natural bamboo fibre – one of the world’s most sustainable resources), to each staff member in order to encourage them to take part and a pledge box has been created for staff to commit to their single use plastic reduction.

In a continuing effort to reduce single use plastic consumption company wide, Sustainable Acoustics has moved to glass milk bottles and biodegradable bags for their composting waste.

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