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Sound advice for Winchester Science Centre

We are thrilled to announce that Sustainable Acoustics Ltd has been appointed as to acoustically curate the designing of a new visitor experience at Winchester Science Centre based around sound. The project will be completed in spring 2020, and will involve the entire top floor of the Science Centre, showcasing acoustics in a way unique in the world.

Winchester Science Centre, at the gateway to the South Downs National Park

The new exhibition will showcase how sound affects all our lives, in both the natural world and the built environment, and the role scientists and engineers play in improving lives. This exciting new exhibition is due to open in spring 2020.

Peter Rogers said, “We are delighted to be part of this project as the ‘acoustic champions’, and reaching the next generation through sound. Acoustics is an enabling technology, and often forgotten about in design. This will be a beacon for how sound affects all of our lives positively and negatively. The exhibition will explore that and use sound to engage children in science, technology, engineering and maths, sparking curiosity in our future scientists and engineers. Winchester Science Centre is on our doorstep and plays a vital role in engaging our next generation. We are passionate about that and delighted to be working closely with our client ensure that fascinating science of sound is the focus of this exciting new exhibition, in an truly inclusive way.

Ben Ward, CEO of Winchester Science Centre said. “Our existing award-winning building is visually striking but not designed with acoustics in mind. Not only will our new exhibition focus on sound but with support from Sustainable Acoustics we’re exploring innovative ways to improve our visitors’ acoustic experience by building acoustic baffling into the design of the exhibition, and showcasing the wonderful world of sound, which is really exciting.”

Winchester Science Centre is the South of England's interactive science and technology centre with the largest standalone planetarium in the Europe.

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