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Seaside Sounds of the Summer

From terns on the Farne Islands to children's laughter on Welsh beaches, from 21st June for 3 months, this National Trust project will encourage people to record their favourite sounds and add them to the coastal sound map, which will then be added to the British Library sound archive.

Supporting the point that soundscapes can influence our well-being positively (as well as negatively) is the following extract from a paper published in this year's March issue of Noise and Health International...

Outdoor noise and soundscape - In addition to the annoyance due to transportation noise in the home setting, some studies have reported effects of the soundscape in outdoor settings. For instance, exposure response relationships were derived for both annoyance and interference with the experience of natural quiet due to aircraft overflights in several US national parks. [241] Also, the annoyance induced by scooters and motorbikes in urban streets and parks was explored. [242] It was found, additionally, in a laboratory situation that aircraft noise ­in particular, helicopter noise led to annoyance, and affected solitude and tranquillity in comparison to natural sounds in subjects watching virtual national park scenes. [243] The observed effects of outdoor noise on annoyance and perceived tranquillity suggest that noise has consequences for the potential restorative quality of outdoor settings.

Source Ref 243 : Mace BL, Corser GC, Zitting L, Denison J. Effects of overflights on the national park experience. J Environ Psychol 2013;35:30­9.

Article : Noise & Health International Journal

ICBEN review of research on the biological effects of noise 2011­2014 Mathias Basner1 , Mark Brink 2 , Abigail Bristow 3 , Yvonne de Kluizenaar4 , Lawrence Finegold 5 , Jiyoung Hong 6 , Sabine A Janssen 4 , Ronny Klaeboe 7 , Tony Leroux 8 , Andreas Liebl9 , Toshihito Matsui Sörqvist13


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