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Re-opening of Sound Science and Acoustics refit at Winchester Science Centre

Sustainable Acoustics have acted as an acoustic curator of sound during the new look and fabulous sounding cathedral of science. It opened this weekend to the public, and the large pyramid of the Winchester Science Centre, located at the gateway to the South Downs National Park, Hampshire, has been transformed.

Improving the acoustics of the space is a part of the design to improve the visitor experience, which has been redesigned around accessibility and a high quality experience. Added to this are the exhibits which all have a sound focus, with 6 main themed areas that will give children and adults the chance to have fun whilst learning and to be inspired by the engaging with the amazing science of sound that affects everyone.

Visual representation of the new exhibits HKD Ltd@copyright 2020 followed by a slideshow from pre-opening moments.

What you will find is a enormous working guitar you can climb inside, a sonic rocket that explores acoustics of space(s), the acoustic submarine and sound in nature zone, an ear you can climb through and understand the magic of the hearing science and what happens if it goes wrong. To top it off is the engineering zone where you can try and build a skyscraper in lego that will withstand regular tremors.

What you will notice if you've visited before is that the noise level will be much reduced, from a cacophony to a buzz, enabling you to journey round the interactives, finding ares of respite and reflection amongst the areas, including the cafe whilst the children learn through play.

Initial feedback from users has been heart warming: “The attention to detail for Deaf people is unmeasurable. To find somewhere that will bring so much visual representation to Science and has thought of the needs of my family, you have made my shoulders relax. I can take a deep breathe without having to worry about asking for things to be adjusted.”

Karen, Founder CSSEF,

Ben (CEO of Science Centre) added “Karen highlighted a few of the things she really liked about Winchester Science Centre’s redevelopment, as follows: round tables to eat in the cafe downstairs - perfect for Deaf people to communicate; the chill out area downstairs when things get overwhelming. People often overlook that sound can be overwhelming and deaf people just need 5-10 minutes quite to chill to then go back into sound”.

Peter Rogers, Managing Director of Sustainable Acoustics and Acoustic Champion of the project says:

"It has been an honour to be part of this project, but it was a joy to take my children to this newly re-imagined experience, and watch them love the hundreds of different ways that sound is so exciting, and why I decided to make it my career. I'm delighted to have been a part of giving the public the chance to get to know the area of science I know and love so, why it can make such a different to our well-being. It's fitting that accessibility is at the heart of this refurbishment, and that acoustics was able to help achieve this so everyone can enjoy it ! We have included a citizen science experiment called Euphony - so I look forward to you taking part"

Peter is a Fellow of the Institute of Acoustics

Book now to experience the new sounding Winchester Science Centre and discover why acoustics is so cool and essential to us building a sustainable future.

Other Links

We worked closely with the Gold sponsors Ecophon UK who provided the acoustic treatments to our design (find out more), Also we work with The Woolly Shepherd, who provided sheep's wool clouds through which the Airbus Zephyr floats (see it here).


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