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Jim Smith takes the lead in 'School of Rock'

Updated: May 8

We are extremely proud that one of our own - Jim Smith - is starring in the lead role in an Amateur Dramatics production of ‘School of Rock’, The Musical.

The show is being staged by local theatre group, “Spot On Productions” and is based on the iconic movie starring Jack Black, featuring 14 new songs from Andrew Lloyd Webber, along with the songs from the movie. It covers the hilarious story of out-of-work musician, Dewey Finn, posing as a substitute music teacher and transforming his students into a mind-blowing rock band.” ‘School of Rock’ is a celebration of the empowering force of music… A message which unequivocally resonates with Acousticians.

Since seeing the movie at the age of 12, Jim says he has carried the themes of ‘School of Rock’ with him: those of self-expression, camaraderie, inclusivity, challenging convention, the power of music, and the ultimate message that true success is about fullness of life, not achievement. Jim also found the story helped him find purpose as a young rock guitarist.

Jim Smith posing with members of the cast of the school of rock.
Jim Smith posing with members of the cast of the school of rock.

Upon taking the lead role in this production Jim said, “I never believed I would one day be stepping into the shoes of Dewey. I am endlessly grateful to the cast for their truly incredible skill, the crew for their support and I am hugely looking forward to Opening Night.”

‘School of Rock’ is being staged at ‘the point’, Eastleigh, running from 16th – 20th May, 2023.


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