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Growing Organically in the Sustainable Acoustics Garden

With the sun shining stronger, and warmer weather on the way we got digging today in the Sustainable Acoustics garden, in Winchester.

We planted a blackberry bush and some raspberry canes, ready to give us organic tasty treats this summer, and more spring bulbs. Growing our own fruit organically may not keep us all fed but means staff can enjoy a tasty treat and get connected to outdoors as they take a break.

We aim to point out through this that staying healthy without purchasing intensively farmed fruit that have encountered pesticides, from the supermarket, is by far the preference for the future. It tastes better and is better for you!

There is a crisis in the countryside – and a massive decline in insect numbers could have significant consequences for the environment; a third of what we eat is curtsy of our pollinators...

Current research has proven that intensive farming supports virtually no insect life, due to the use of pesticides, and this means that as intensive agriculture spreads there are fewer and fewer islands of natural habitat left to support them.

At Sustainable Acoustics we help the environment wherever we can, whether that’s through our biodiversity projects, or through our sustainable acoustic solutions for cities, schools, businesses, entertainment or healthcare settings. We are even driving forward industry awards to recognise where this is done well.

Furthermore, being outside on a beautiful and warm Spring day in direct contact with the sunlight was fun and whether you are 5 or 50 it definitely it helped improve our day!

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