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Getting the acoustics right for the UK's 'International Year of Sound 2020' exhibition

Sustainable Acoustics is leading the exhibition design team for the UK's Interactive 'Year of Sound' exhibition, opening Summer 2020 at Winchester Science Centre and Planetarium. Plans are now well underway for a ground-breaking immersive participatory experience focusing on sound.

Embedding acoustics into exhibition design is crucial right at the outset of any design project. Anyone who's been hit by a cacophony of noise in a museum (think energetic children plus cafe noise) can testify to what it's like when the design pays minimal attention to acoustics. Good acoustic design is crucial. It gives your audience a superior visitor experience and more chances to learn, which ultimately results in more return visits.

The exhibition will be the UK’s largest hands-on interactive exhibition about sound, vibration and hearing. The exhibition, designed to wow and delight, will excite and inspire children and their grownups in science, technology, engineering and maths, enabling everyone to discover the science of sound through art, biology, physics, chemistry, nature, engineering, and interactive exhibits and live science.

"Getting the acoustics right is a crucial part of the visitor experience, and in the year of sound we are delighted to be embedding sound into the new exhibits (including a huge ear) to show the magic of how our hearing works, and how to deal with it if it doesn’t. We are also improving the space, and so reducing noise build-up, therefore it is a doubly special project to be involved with as acoustic curators " said Peter Rogers, Managing Director.

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