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QEF Leatherhead

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Sustainable Acoustics is working with Capital and Provincial and Architects LOM to produce the acoustic strategy on the development of the Care and Rehabilitation Centre (CRC) and a workshop building to create a Charitable Hub providing communal facilities for QEF and other partner charities in their HQ in Leatherhead. The site is close to the M25.  

The main areas where Acoustics will add value are listed below:

  • Sound Insulation to meet the minimum required by Building Regulations for the client accommodation but also consideration the design to achieve enhanced levels of sound separation between rooms for increased privacy; and also between counselling rooms, between specialist therapy and treatment spaces and between spaces, meeting rooms and offices used by different charitable bodies.

  • Sound and Vibration Insulation to allow spaces to function without compromise to adjacent areas, for example in the craft workshop areas, in the gymnasium, in the radio, music and educational rooms.

  • Comfort through the appropriate design of surface finishes to control reverberation can help create calm places to be, this allows those recovering or learning to live with neuro injury or trauma the ability to find a variety of spaces offering low levels of stimulation; and through the appropriate design of surface finishes to help control reverberation allowing spaces to be used to their full potential; consideration given to achieving good levels of speech intelligibility in educational rooms in meeting rooms and control of noise build up in potentially noisy creating areas such as gyms and workshops; to provide pleasant environments in the dining halls and to allow spaces to be used in other functional ways for example as a cinema.

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