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Skylling Play Area, Newbury

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Peter was instructed on behalf of a Town Council in a difficult case concerning an application under section 82 Environmental Protection Act 1990. As if often the case with section 82 cases the applicant was a litigant in person. Peter produced his report swiftly and it dealt with all the significant points regarding whether a statutory nuisance existed; his previous experience as a local authority officer and his general wealth of experience was a decisive factor in the subsequent litigation. 

"It was on the trial day when Peter came into his own whether providing helpful advice to me when cross examining the applicant’s expert or when giving live evidence. When questioned by a litigant in person who has been seriously aggrieved by the alleged statutory nuisance Peter remained calm but firm. His evidence was undoubtedly of great assistance to the trial judge because it was so obviously fair, comprehensive, balanced and decisive. I would not hesitate to recommend Peter or to have him instructed in the future; he is a first class expert witness.” - Tom Day, Barrister, Chambers of Jonathan Laidlaw

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