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Casa Cruz

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Client quote: "Sustainable Acoustics have helped us to negotiate the difficult waters of controlling noise from the premises to the adjoining sensitive surrounding neighbourhood, giving us the chance to introduce our business to the area premises. They also then worked with us to create an acoustic environment inside the resturant which supports conversation, and enhances the quality of the experience which is so important to our customers. We are delighted with the result, which helped us to deliver our vision for quality." - Juan Cruz, Owner

Sustainable Acoustics were successful in response to tender for the noise assessment study required to support the planning application for the proposed new restaurant at 123A Clarendon Road, London. A noise assessment was required to assess the noise impact of a proposed plant associated with the restaurant.

Resonics was called in to provide an acoustic solution for the ambitious conversion of the West London pub into a fine-dining restaurant.  The plush interior – finished with a copper detail and featuring a central oval bar and patterned marble flooring – required a bespoke ceiling to match. The brief was to create a bespoke acoustic ceiling that mirrored the restaurant’s floor.  The solution had to incorporate a hidden sound system, while allowing for existing ceiling services.  The challenge was to make the ceiling reflect the floor – comprised of a series of alternating triangular segments radiating from the centre of the room. Find more information here.

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