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Bacton Low Rise, Camden

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Vibration and structure-borne noise from passing passenger and freight trains can cause both perceivable vibration and audible noise within dwellings that radiates from the structure. Careful design of the foundations and structure enable adequate controls to be put in place that avoid problems once occupied. Sometimes structural isolation is necessary to meet appropriate standards and expectations, which can be a costly risk to a project.

Cross Laminated Timber is a sustainable and fast way to build, made from compressed FSC timber layers, and this project is one of its first for it to be used for a residential project of this scale. The constrained site is very close to the East Coast Main Line, and the close working with structural engineers and the frame providers ERBAN was required to predict the noise and vibration levels in this light weight structure and provide confidence that the planning conditions would be met and residents provided with a comfortable place to live. The project is on site but early measurements indicate that we are close to what is expected.

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