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Sustainable Acoustics commits to reaching Net Zero by 2030

On the day the outgoing Government chief environment scientist , Prof Sir Ian Boyd, warns more must be done, saying "We need to do more about learning to live sustainably. We talk about sustainability but we don't really know what it means" ... Sustainable Acoustics is rising to that challenge, and we call on others to do the same.

Sustainable Acoustics is committed to achieving this goal 20 years before the Government target , and will share how we do it, to help other businesses and society in the UK and globally to make the change happen that must.

Owner and Managing Director Peter Rogers says "Sir Ian Boyd has , as Sir David Attenborough did with plastics, made clear that we must wake up and act ! He does this as his outgoing message as he prepares to leave Defra. We can not ignore this. It has long been our vision to achieve net zero as a business and we have been moving towards that target and are well advanced in our journey, but now we state our commitment to pushing things forward at an even greater pace to help show others to way. We will share this journey with a hope this will give others to tools to act. It is up to them then to use them. Acoustics is an enabling technology and is ubiquitous in our lives, so then by using our expertise we can also help sustainability become a reality using acoustics to improve our health and wellbeing, quality of life and enjoyment of our world, in combining services with our serious commitment to sustainability. By April 2020 we will publish a detailed plan for how we will achieve this, giving us just under 10 years to do so. This is ambitious and will take a huge effort but it is achievable we think, so why not join us to avert the awful alternative for future generations".

Use the #Act4Zero2030,

See more of what Sir Ian Boyd says here :


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