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Code of Practice for Pubs and Clubs

The Good Practice Guide on the Control of Noise from Pubs and Clubs documented reference to inaudibility, which has proved contentious in relation to licensing conditioning, and was withdrawn and archived. The gap has left a need for new guidance as the Licensing Act 2003 included Public Nuisance as one of the objectives and forced noise to be assessed against different requirements. The Institute has recognised that the timing is right for further guidance, and with the Institute of Licensing is developing new guidance related to the control of noise from regularly operating entertainment venues. 

At this stage, it is expected that the assessment process will be based on a risk assessment process to determine the likelihood of the noise causing disturbance, rather than reliance on use of objective limits and inaudibility.  A draft is expected for consultation sometime this year, which will then be offered to the Institute Council for final approval and ratified for use in assessments of Noise from Licensed Premises. 


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