Tower of London

We set out how proactive and preventative measures, which develops the approach taken in this third run of summer events, will minimise operational noise moving through the run. Ultimately this document sets out how the organisers have minimised the risk of exceeding the advisory noise criteria for the events, and ultimately prevent causing a public or private nuisance; which is the objective of the agreement with HRP, The Licensing Act 2003 and Environmental Protection Act 1990.

This procedure complies with the noise control requirements of the Sound Control Scheme and Measures document for the event held in the Northern moat of the Tower of London, which includes the viability of the noise control measures in achieving the targets in the nearest residential, and setting up the noise limiters to achieve the pre and post 23h00 noise levels.

Tower of London, marquee event with guests.
Tower of London, coloured lighting at night, music event.