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Cedar Park Neuro Rehab Unit

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Sustainable Acoustics, working with Design Engine Architects are delighted to be developing the acoustic strategy on Phase 1 of the Neuro-Rehab unit known as Cedar Park, in the village Enham Alamein, near Andover. The idea is that this facility assists with the introduction of people back into community-style living.

The main areas where Acoustics is adding value are listed below:

Sound Insulation (privacy) as required by Building Regulations but designing to achieve enhanced levels of sound separation between rooms, to provide better levels of privacy for occupants who may have a tendency to be louder than might usually be considered as a benchmark by society.

Comfort through the appropriate design of surface finishes to control reverberation can help create calm places to be, those recovering or learning to live with neuro injury or trauma will be able to find a variety of spaces offering lower levels of auditory stimulation. To assist with transitions to more normal domestic living environments, areas that have more challenging “lively” environments can be used as part of the training to help occupants to learn to cope with aural stimulus in vibrant and lively environments that we encounter is today’s society (such as restaurants, offices).

Connection with the outside world through collaborative design approach will encourage people’s reconnection with the world around them 

Noise Pollution (protection) from plant noise sources (such as the CHP plant room) will be an important part of creating external an soundscape where windows can be opened, and plant noise not be overly disturbing. 

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