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Global Climate Strike: the power of acoustics

Sustainability Manager, Katherine Howlett-Davies, joined the school strikers on Friday 20th September and used the power of speech and song to communicate our urgent need to address the climate crisis and act now to keep fossil fuels in the ground.

Our Sustainability Manager, Katherine Howlett-Davies, using the power of sound

"The school strikers helped me teach a climate protest song to hundreds of people, and then we all sang together from the steps of the Guildhall" said Katherine Howlett-Davies. "The energy and determination of the school strikers was awe-inspiring. These young people, compelled to miss school because they fear the future left to them by us 'grown ups', should be hugely proud of themselves for raising the profile of the climate and ecological crisis which we must all now act to address".

Katherine Howlett-Davies gave a speech on behalf of Extinction Rebellion, in which she thanked the young people for their clarity and commitment, saying to the gathered crowd, "I promise you, there is more climate leadership here today, that at the Palace of Westminster"

Over 800 people came together to demand an end to the age of fossil fuels, creating a globally significant event in our small and beautiful city. The school strikers marched around the city for more than an hour, gathering crowds and chanting in to megaphones as they went. The crowds swelled and responded to the call to join in.


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