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BBC Investigation into the 'Holmfield Hum'

Updated: May 8

Image of a BBC news reporter interviewing Peter Rogers via an online meeting. The reporter is sat in the studio with a microphone in front of them, and an image of Peter Rogers is in front of them on a screen

The BBC has recently investigated the ‘Holmfield Hum’ and Peter Rogers, MD of Sustainable Acoustics and Institute of Acoustics Council Member was invited by the BBC to comment. The 'Holmfield Hum' is a low-frequency noise which has been impacting a number of residents in the village of Homfield, in Yorkshire since 2019. Despite several attempts, the local authority has been unable to identify the source of the noise. Peter explained that the threshold for nuisance is quite high and often these sorts of hums are low level, making it hard for Local Authority officers to assess. Peter said it doesn’t mean the noise is not measurable. He went on to discuss how low-frequency noise affects people differently and the challenges of identifying the source. The article was published and aired on 7th December 2022.

Watch the full news clip here:

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