Sustainable Acoustics were instructed by OXO2, to advise on matters of noise control from the venue known as OXO, which is located on the second floor of the OXO Tower, London. The OXO2 venue has residential space on the floor above, and there has been a history of the building offering poor sound insulation between floors.

The OXO2 have completed extensive works to improve the sound insulation, and to add technology in the form of a zone array dancefloor, which on previous trials has been established to make feasible the operation of the dancefloor at commercially acceptable levels. In addition to the dancefloor area there are peripheral speakers, which provide fill-in sound. These are connected to the walls, and are located on both the west and east sides to support speeches and ambient music when the dancefloor is not in use, or to extend the music across the space when a DJ is playing. 

OXO Tower Lifts, Coin Street

In December 2014, we completed an acoustic investigation

of the noise and vibration generated by the OXO Tower lifts, and the goods lift in particular. Detailed measurements of vibration and noise within the flats allowed a diagnosis to be made and mitigation recommendations are being implemented as a result.

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