Our Sustainability Policy

Our Vision - Sustainable Acoustics Ltd is committed to act in a lead role within the acoustics industry and with key stakeholders, inspiring change and applying the principles of sustainability through our work, to make our world a better place and providing Acoustics for a Sound World.  See our Sustainability Report here  - a full version is available on request.


To meet this commitment we shall:

- Drive innovation in our core business in order to lead the acoustics industry in the application of acoustics which supports sustainable design, whilst ensuring the cost of our services remain highly competitive and that no price premium is attached to this to recover the added value linked with sustainability. It will simply be part of what we do.

- Capture and communicate thought leadership and share this with our own industry and with our related industries, partners and other key stakeholders. We will play a proactive and transformational role in embedding sustainability and sustainable design within the delivery of acoustics.

- Play a leading role in the delivery of, or contribution to, guiding the technical evidence within advocacy and campaigns, when an environmental or social issue is closely related to acoustics; examples include providing a better connection to natural sounds in our society, or inclusive and better classroom acoustics in schools.

- Develop a not-for-profit element to our business to direct and enable community investment and charitable giving, where we deem there to be a strong fit or synergy with the aims of the business.

- Continually work to reduce the direct negative environmental impacts (please see Our Environmental Policy) of our operations, whilst maximising the benefits to the environment and to society through the work that we do.

- Inspire, engage and develop staff, providing support and opportunities for them to reduce their own direct impacts, and contribute to society through the work that we do, also through investing in our communities.

- Provide "lifestyle" careers for our staff, which provides them with the flexibility to adapt their career to their life needs and to reflect this commitment in the benefits package available to staff.

We will make our staff, clients, business partners, professional bodies and other key stakeholders aware of this policy statement; and from time to time we will actively seek their feedback on our sustainability practices in order to improve; the way we do our business, the service we provide to our clients and ensure we are being sensitive to the needs and views of our stakeholders.

In order to embed this sustainability policy statement into our day-to-day business operations and track our progress, we will be developing indicators, measures and annual targets. We will be producing an annual sustainability report to communicate this to a wide audience. We will review this policy in April 2016. Our Environmental Management Policy should be read in conjunction with this Policy.

Peter Rogers, Director