Construction Assessments

The noise and vibration impact from construction activities can be disturbing and although temporary, can continue for considerable periods.

We carry out assessments of proposed construction schemes, in line with BS5228 (2009 +amendment 2014), in order to identify key points in the programme where limits are expected to be exceeded, and to recommend mitigation to assist in reducing the noise and vibration impact during the construction works. This is often carried out as part of the Section 61 application, or may be a requirement of planning conditions .

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Construction Assessment

Waterside Drive

On behalf of Elmbridge Council Estates, Sustainable Acoustics was invited to provide a quote for acoustic consulting services for preparing the Noise Chapter of an Environmental Impact Statement (ES) for the proposed sports facilities at Waterside Drive, London. The facilities included athletics track, plus up to 300 spectators, 1 full sized football pitch, 1 other full sized football pitch, use of smaller 4 all-weather pitches and plant associated with changing areas.

Construction noise assessment