Nant Llesg

Miller Argent is planning to develop a new surface coal mine at Nant Llesg near their existing Ffos-y-fran mine at Merthyr Tydfil in South Wales. Miller Argent is keen to minimise any potential impacts in the local communities and has called upon the expertise of Sustainable Acoustics (previously The English Cogger Partnership), together with Curload Consulants Limited, to undertake the noise and vibration assessment for the Environmental Statement.

To keep noise levels to a minimum, Miller Argent and Sustainable Acoustics are continuing to work with the plant manufacturers to develop noise suppression technology for key mining equipment such as the dump trucks and excavators. The plant used at the mine will be quieter than any now available in the world. The team has refined the operational phases and developed the use of mounds to increase the screening and noise attenuation of the mining operations.

The scheme will create approximately 200 new jobs and will enable significant investment in the local community through a new multi-million pound Community Benefit Fund. Over the course of the project it is projected that around £180 million will be spent within 10 miles of the site.

The scheme will run for a 15 year period and will also enable the remediation of unstable old mine workings within the site. In the long term, the project has the potential to transform the site into a safe, green parkland for both local communities and tourists. 


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Sustainable Acoustics deliver solutions for a sound future that protect people from our noisy world, enhance our environments using sound and connect people with nature, each other and with good design.

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