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Our consultants are professional and experienced individuals with a passion for design and a desire to plan for a sustainable future. We believe in providing a service based on excellent acoustic advice and high standards, and doing so in a way that values our staff’s expertise and rises to the challenges of our clients, but does not undermine the chances of future generations.  All our staff have either Bachelors degrees or Masters, and are either an Associate, Member or Fellow of the Institute of Acoustics.

Peter Rogers MSc CEng FIOA FRSA has over 20 years’ experience delivering noise and vibration solutions on a wide variety of projects. He began his career in Local Authority and therefore has a good understanding of what they need, and where liaison is concerned. He then moved to consultancy and specialises in Building Acoustics and Environmental Noise and Vibration control. He has worked on prestigious projects from the Millennium Stadium, Wimbledon Centre Court, O2, Olympia, Guys & St Thomas Hospital, Olympic Park Licensing and numerous schools to name a few. With Willmott Dixon he has been involved in a number of projects over the years, including Heartlands School, WWF HQ Woking, Material Science Metallurgy Building for the Cambridge University and Giltspur Street London, which is next to St Barts Hospital. He is now the Managing Director of Sustainable acoustics and remains an active engineer.

Chris Heal MEng (Hons) MIOA is a member of the Institute of Acoustics and has over 12 years’ experience in consultancy with expertise in Environmental and Building Acoustics. Chris has a particular eye for detail and is a very thorough engineer, providing a solid basis for solutions which are practical and yet optimise the design. Chris’ experience includes leading the Kings Cross Construction Monitoring contract , which has involved the extensive noise monitoring over 5 years. This includes live updates and regular reports. Chris will be the Senior Consultant for the project.

Louise Conroy BEng (Hons) MIOA is a member of the Institute of Acoustics, and has been involved in acoustic consultancy since graduating from Southampton University’s Institute of Sound and Vibration Research in 1990. Working with Arup Acoustics, she was involved in a variety of projects from Glyndebourne Opera House to Wytch Farm Gathering Station to motorway widening projects, before being seconded to the Channel Tunnel Rail link Consortium in 1996 to carry on her work with noise and vibration assessments from the scheme. After maternity leave , Louise joined The English Cogger Partnership (now rebranded as Sustainable Acoustics Ltd), on a part time basis and has since been involved in a variety of projects, including numerous large and small scale School and college projects, the Tipner East regeneration scheme, the City Gateway, student accommodation and medical centre development in Southampton.

Chris Matheson MEng (Hons) MIOA is a member of the Institute of Acoustics, who graduated from the Institute of Sound and Vibration Research in 2010, and has been working in consultancy since. Chris started his career primarily focused on environmental noise, supporting the varying needs of planning applications for residential and retail developments. He then began working with Sustainable Acoustics Ltd, where he has gained experience in a wide range of environmental and building acoustics, working on projects such as the Kings Cross Redevelopment and Southampton City Gateway. Chris also has experience with vibration assessments from environmental sources and control of vibration within buildings.

Jim Smith MEng (Hons) AMIOA joined Sustainable Acoustics in July 2014 as a graduate consultant. He has an MEng degree in Acoustical Engineering from the University of Southampton and is an Associate Member of the Institute of Acoustics.

At the company, Jim has already been immersed in a variety of different projects, covering different aspects such as environmental noise assessments for new residential and road schemes, pre-completion sound-insulation testing, and mechanical ventilation services assessments.

During his time in acoustics-related placements, he was responsible for designing a program to identify tonality of plant noise, and assist in setting up an ambi-sonic sound lab, simulating filtering effects of different partitions. At the Institute of Sound and Vibration Research, Jim has participated in many interesting projects, including a noise control analysis for domestic floor cleaners, and the design and building of a physical rig to recreate the song of a humpback whale.

Sara Rubio BSc (Hons) AMIOA joined Sustainable Acoustics in October 2015 as a graduate consultant. She graduated from the Institute of Sound and Vibration Research (University of Southampton) with a BSc degree in Acoustics and Music and is an Associate Member of the Institute of Acoustics.

Since joining in 2015 and during previous summer placements, Sara has been involved in a wide range of projects including environmental noise, residential schemes, pre-completion sound-insulation testing and school projects such as Oaklands College in St Albans, Portland Building (University of Portsmouth) and Durston House Junior School.

Claire Woodcock BA (Hons) MA, our Management Consultant, presents findings and recommendations from analysis to inform the strategic direction of the business. Claire is crucial in developing our relationships, internally and externally, to allow growth to be sustainable. Claire also co-ordinates our responses to tender and proposals, and checks that we continue to deliver the highest quality and consistency of service to meet the needs of our clients. Claire is not an acoustician but works to make sure we make acoustics understandable.


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Vibration Control:

Vibration Control:

Vibration can affect people, buildings or machines and often more than one of these receptors will be affected.

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Architectural & Building Acoustics:

Architectural & Building Acoustics:

The acoustics of a space is as important as a soundscape that can assist navigation, function, and the aesthetics of a space and the way it is used.

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Sustainable Acoustics deliver solutions for a sound future that protect people from our noisy world, enhance our environments using sound and connect people with nature, each other and with good design.

The English Cogger Partnership has been trading for 13 years, and has an established reputation. We have begun a transformation in the way that we deliver our business in response to the changing needs of our clients and urgency in delivering sustainable development.

We believe in providing a service based on excellent acoustic advice and high standards, and doing so in a way that values our staff, rises to the challenges of our clients but does not undermine the chances of future generations.